For some companies, in-house marketing doesn't make sense. They have the need, but not the budget or desire to build a team. Marketing-as-a-Service is a perfect fit!

Think2Grow's VirtualTEAM Outsourcing

For some of our clients, we become an extension of existing marketing teams by augmenting skill-sets with our ongoing programs. For others, we manage the entire marketing function with our "VirtualTEAM" engagement model. There are four scenarios we see most when clients decide to fully outsource:

  1. They experienced strong initial growth without relying heavily on marketing but at some point sales flattened out or in some cases, even declined.
  2. They need immediate help even if building an in-house marketing team might be the goal in the future. We often bridge the gap for clients in transition.
  3. They don't view marketing as a core function for their business and would rather outsource. The costs of staffing, technologies, and other factors simply don't make sense for them.
  4. They need a broad range of skills and expertise that can be better delivered by a partner. Many of these companies are late adopters of digital and content marketing

VirtualTEAM is a full marketing-as-a-service offering designed for companies who want to grow their business, but DON'T want to do it all themselves.

Relax, we'll take care of everything!

Marketing-as-a-Service Engagement Process

As with any of our programs, Think2Grow’s VirtualTEAM begins with a discovery process. During this exercise, we learn more about your business and goals and conduct full digital and general marketing audits to determine the best mix of marketing activities that will help your business. We immerse ourselves in your world in short order and quickly become a seamless virtual team that becomes an extension of your organization.


Working within your budget, we then create the first quarter strategy along with some detail about how and when the activities will take place. We choose three month periods for planning and delivery schedules because it’s the right amount of time to start gaining traction while allowing us to pivot when needed.

Initially, there is usually a good deal of set up and foundation building for the quarters that follow. Once the first quarterly plan is complete (and at many points during) - we measure and analyse the progress for ongoing continuous improvement.

In the VrtualTEAM model, we have had customers work with us for many years now. They value the relationship and what we bring to the table. During that time, we become a true extension of their business and take full ownership and accountability of the marketing function along with the results coming from their investments. LIsted below are some of the key benefits of the VirtualTEAM outsourcing program.

Ready to explore VirtualTEAM Marketing-as-a-Service for your business?

Key Benefits of VirtualTEAM Services

  • Decades of combined experience and expertise you will take years to build
  • Full range of advanced skill-sets to address every aspect of marketing
  • 100% focused on marketing - all day, everyday! This is all we do.
  • On top of industry trends and staying current everyday
  • Perspective gained from a wide range of varied clients lets us share them with you
  • Execution through proven processes. We know a thing or two about managing marketing
  • Leverage of leading marketing technologies at scale which is often unaffordable for non-agencies
  • Flexibility and elastic capacity. We can provide what you need, when you need it.
  • ROI and productivity that's hard to beat. Considering everything, outsourcing usually makes good financial sense.