Productivity Tools

Content Writing InternalWelcome to our Productivity Tools page. The goal of this section is to help visitors save time by offering a series of tools, templates and other resources we think may be of value.  We’ll keep adding new resources as we create, or discover them. From calculators to various templates and frameworks, we want to build a repository of useful assets. If you have a special request, feel free to Contact Us. We may not have it, but it’s possible we do and just haven’t posted it here. Download and freely edit anything you like. If you want to share something, that would be great too!

Sales Call Planning Guide

This template was built to help sales people prepare for important calls and meetings. It’s invaluable when having those “make or break” meetings with multiple people on both sides. Also, for those critical first phases of a sales cycle where you need to cover all the bases. Download it and give it a try on your next call.

Communication Brief Template

A good communication brief can make all the difference when working with others to create content. We went through some good samples out there but couldn’t find exactly what we wanted. So, we created our own. If you need something like this, feel free to download it and modify it to suit your own needs.

Pipeline Requirements Calculator

To get a more realistic of what your expectations should be based on historic lead flow data, try this handy calculator. Based on what you have done in the past, it will help you understand how much pipe you need to create to make your sales target. It can be used for the entire sales team, or individual territories.