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One of our goals as a company is to conduct research on various sales and marketing topics we find relevant, or that simply piques our curiosity. We intend to publish one major piece of research each quarter and hope you find the material interesting and helpful. We also find this is a good way to showcase the various ways you can use content to communicate with your target market.

Please check back every once in a while for new collections, or join our mailing list to receive update alerts when we post new material.

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Internet Research

How People use the Internet to Select Vendors

Technology has radically changed the buying process in recent years. We just finished our analysis of a study we conducted last month to better understand some of the latest trends. You can see the results of this study by clicking on your right.

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Industry Trends and Statistics

One of the other things we want to do to make it easier for people is to aggregate some of the great marketing and sales related research already out there.


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B2B marketing community

CMO Council Research and Statistics

Content Marketing Institute