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Interim Marketing Leadership

man-writing-on-chartThere are a number of situations that may require you to consider bringing in some outside expertise for a period of time. Good marketing leadership isn’t easy to find and not an affordable option for companies starting to build. Some common situations we’ve seen are as follows:

  • Your company reaches the point where you know marketing needs to be significantly ramped up, but you don’t want to go on a hiring binge quite yet
  • You have some marketing capabilities in-house, but need a senior and proven resource to help get a strategic and sustainable marketing program put in place
  • A marketing leader was in place, but has now left the company and you need someone to take over until you find someone to replace them
  • Your marketing results are simply not where you want, or need them to be

Regardless of the situation, we provide the experience, expertise, bandwidth and focus needed to help fill the gap. We can build your first significant marketing program, or improve what you already have in place. Either way, we’ll get your marketing machine running at full throttle!

The “Virtual CMO” Program

Depending on your situation, it might be as simple as a 1-2 week consulting engagement to plan, advise, or build the process and frameworks required to get things going.  In some cases, we operate on a retainer basis, part-time for an extended period of time to manage most, or all of your marketing activities. The timeframe for this type of program usually runs from 3 month to a year.