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Strategic Marketing Plan Development

It all starts with a solid plan! To create awareness, attraction and results – you need a detailed and strategic marketing plan that was been researched carefully and is well-crafted. We believe this is the most important starting point for marketing departments, or smaller companies looking to accelerate growth and yield a better ROI on their marketing investments. Below is a high-level view of our methodology. Thinking clearly about your marketing plan and exactly how you will achieve its goals is the first step.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Methodology

When we create a marketing plan, it’s a simple top-down approach that works down from highly strategic thinking to precise tactical details. The first stage is about defining and understanding the business goals, objectives and desired metrics. The second step of the process is determining the big buckets we call “Focus Areas.” These are simply categories to help us better focus our activities. Brand building, lead generation, channel development, and sales support are all good examples. Marketing Plan Process Next, come the “Major Initiatives.” These are the actual programs and campaigns that will have the most impact on their respective Focus Areas. Building new sales decks, brochures, and case studies would be good examples of Major Initiatives under a Focus Area called “Sales Support.” Finally, and more on the execution side of the plan, come the specific actions and tasks that when combined will form the project plans and a quarterly calendar. The final phase can be managed in-house or by us. This process involves on-going execution, governance, and continual improvement. These all work together to ensure your marketing plan gets executed on time, with the best results, and within the budget.