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Lead Generation Campaigns

In the long run, almost all marketing activities drive towards a single goal – creating qualified leads that turn into sales opportunities. Marketing accomplishes many important goals along the way. However, the key value lies in the amount of closed business marketing helps create. At Think2Grow, we offer a variety of lead generation campaigns designed to create interest and engagement with your prospects. Although our campaigns have a residual impact on building brand awareness in the process, the following services are more highly-targeted, they come with stronger call-to-actions or promotion offers. We believe effective lead generation starts with good market segmentation.  When your messages are highly targeted and relevant to the people receiving them – the better your odds of success.

B2B Lead Generation

Digital and Email Marketing Campaigns

Email lead generation campaigns are much more complex than simply hitting the “enter key.” We can build a sustainable program, or help out in specific areas such as planning, messaging, content, or list-building.

Direct Mail and Response Campaigns

Using direct mail for lead generation is making a comeback – it now differentiates because there is so much focus on email marketing. It also isn’t subject to increasingly restrictive privacy acts such as CASL in Canada. If well-targeted and engaging, direct mail works, and we can help you deliver!

Lead generation is one of the toughest challenges in marketing and there is no “silver bullet.” It takes hard work and time. But, when you use it along with the other parts of your marketing mix, you can achieve great results. If you are thinking of planning or executing strong lead generation campaigns, we can help!