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Sales Content and Tools

Once a lead converts into a qualified opportunity, the real selling begins. You need presentations, documents, templates and other sales content and tools to help explain why your prospect should do business with your company. Marketing content will be leveraged during the sale cycle in addition to the prospecting phase. However, more specific resources are needed during the sales cycle. We specialize in building sales collateral, process documentation, and any other tools that help you sell more – and more easily!

B2B Sales Content and Tools



  • Call Checklists
  • Call Planning
  • Sales Collateral


  • Proposal Templates
  • RFP Templates
  • Opportunity Reviews


  • ROI Models
  • Business Cases
  • Value Assessments


  • Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials


  • Reference Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Support Overviews


  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Welcome Packages
Sales Tools

In your sales methodology, there is a logical sequence to rolling out your “selling” content. For example, if you are making a qualification call with  a prospect, you wouldn’t spend most of your time walking through a presentation explaining everything there is to know about your support program. You also wouldn’t go through your company overview when you’re in the contract phase. We believe there is specific sales content for each stage of an opportunity, and when this approach is used with the right timing, it’s very powerful. It also provides a reason to continually interact with a prospect – which helps keep you top-of-mind.

Sales tools are critical assets. Don’t let poor quality or messaging create the wrong impression with prospects. The majority of sales tools will keep selling on your behalf when you’re not there in person – so make sure they are the best they can be! This article entitled “13 Types of Product Marketing Content for Sales Enablement” provides a good overview about the importance of both sales and marketing collateral, along with how and when to use it.