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There was a time in the recent past when social media was a tough decision to make for most B2B business leaders. Today that is quickly changing but many still struggle with getting started and then sustaining an effective social media management program once they do.  Social media is here to stay and has become a vital early stage in the buying process. When combined with a content strategy and other elements of the marketing mix, it helps build awareness and attraction to your brand. And, that eventually leads to more sales!

Social Media Management

Key Ingredients of our Social Media Programs

We build, launch and manage social media programs for our clients that align with their business goals and budget. Our approach focusses on the following key activities:

  • Developing the right social media strategy for the business
  • Determining the target audiences and buyer personas
  • Creating impactful company pages on the chosen social media networks
  • Scheduling and managing a mix of original content along with relevant shared content
  • Real-time social media “listening” and interaction – 7 days a week!
  • Engaging in conversations and responding to inquiries from your followers
  • Managing follow / unfollow strategies ensuring the “best fit” target audiences
  • Systematically growing a highly relevant target audience through direct identification
  • Keeping up with the constantly evolving social media policy changes and innovations
  • Managing all progress reporting and metrics

There is both an art and science in making social media work. It takes time, continual effort and focus. But, when combined with other parts of the marketing mix, it is far more impactful, cost-effective and measurable than most traditional forms of advertising or brand building.

We can build a proven and sustained program that’s right for you. We can manage some or all of your social media management needs.