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Research for Better Decision-Making

Our research around decision-making is divided into two main categories. Both are focused on growing revenue, or retaining clients along with the employees who serve them. The first area is aimed at understanding your client’s markets. Knowing who you are going to sell to, what your addressable market size is, and what the competitive landscape looks like, are key inputs for developing market segmentation and ultimately your positioning and messaging.

Using Research to Decide

Power of Fact-Based Decision-Making

If you don’t know the facts, how can you possibly make sound and rational business decisions? Research helps fill in the blanks.

There are a number of obvious benefits associated with making better business decisions. There is arguably some value in intuition or “gut feel.” However, there is no substitute for having as much data as possible to support those “big impact” decisions. This is especially important for those decisions that are absolutely critical for success. When you don’t do your “homework”, you risk losing the following valuable resources, not to mention the lost opportunity cost.

Time, energy, money, credibility and confidence are all things squandered when not enough intelligence has been built into your decision-making process. Some of these things we can never get back, and those who go down the wrong path too many times, will not stay in business for long.

Doing research yourself is certainly better than none at all, but the challenge is usually with bandwidth and skill-sets. When you outsource your research with Think2Grow, you benefit from the expertise, experience and objective perspective that simply can’t come from within.