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Turn Marketing Process into Your Competitive Advantage

I’m sure some people saw the words marketing process in the title and quickly hit the back button. But if you’re still here, it probably means you’re at least neutral on the subject, or better yet, a fan. For many, process has gained the reputation of being boring,...

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Increasing Sales – The Marketing Metric That Matters!

For years, I have heard the debates about where the line should be drawn between sales and marketing. In fairness, marketing is often misunderstood. Ask 5 senior people in a company what marketing means to them and you'll likely get 5 different answers.  Sure, there...

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Competitive Profiles – Build Them and Win More Often!

In a recent article titled Competitive Analysis – The 3 Essential Building Blocks, I presented a framework for building a strong competitive analysis. The three basic building blocks needed to gain a deep understanding of your key adversaries are Competitive Profiles,...

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Competitive Analysis – The 3 Essential Building Blocks

An area of sales and marketing that often gets overlooked and underserved is developing a comprehensive competitive analysis. Most times we know who we compete against on a regular basis, but it's typically high level. The fact is that most companies don't invest...

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CRM Best Practices: Building the Foundation

For most companies today, their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is the primary tool for managing sales and marketing information. A forecast from Gartner estimates the CRM market was worth $27.5 billion worldwide in 2015 and anticipates it rising to $37...

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